VCS with github and different root-folders - i don't know how to


I'm very new in using VCS. I try to "save" all my files from my PHP-Project on Github.
I've created an GitHub repository, and PHP-Storm loads up my files to the repository. So far, so good :-)

But I have a folder Outside of my htdocs Directory. My PHP-Classes and some other files are there. PHP-Storm does not upload this files.
I tryed to add th files to the vcs - but I got an Errormsg:


I don't know how to go on -

Is ther anybody, who can give me a hint?

Thank you very munch!


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In Git if you want all files be in a single repository they have to be under the same Git repository root directory.
Git repository root is a folder that contains the ".git" folder, which is the repository itself.

According to your description, I see that "_close" is located somewhere outside the current project directory and doesn't have a Git repository - that's why you get the error.

Btw, if you are new to Git let me advice a very good book: Pro Git


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