Run Configurations - Doing something a bit differently

Hey guys, I'm a big fan of Webstorm.  I bought it for HTML/JS/CSS dev, but having Node there just waiting to be played with got me going in that, and now I love hacking around in Node.
A project just came to my attention - the node-webkit project that lets you use NodeJS with a Webkit front end.  Been playing with it briefly, and it's pretty cool - and of course I instantly want to roll the workflow into WebStorm.

I have what sounds like a super minor problem, but it's preventing me from hooking the run command up to use this.

The most relevant run profile looks to be the Node.js one.  

I simply replace the path to Node with /path/to/node-webkit-v0.4.2-linux-x64/nw

And then I can target my application "Path to NodeJS file": as /path/to/myproject

The problem her is that /path/to/myproject NEEDS to have a reference to a JS file, or Webstorm complains and won't continue.

The Node-Webkit project works by supplying the "nw" command with a folder or zip file.  I'd like to supply a folder - but again, Webstorm complains without a JS file.

Are there more generic run configurations I'm allowed to use, or is there a way to hack the NodeJS config into working?


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