Slow debugging with zend debugger

Please help me to improve the speed of debugging. I made some test comparing to another IDE and on virtual machine. I'm running on Windows 7 and Zend Server with PHP 5.3 and separate MySQL installation. I used magento project with many customizations and set breakpoint somewhere in layered navigation template. These are results:

Firefox, zend studio toolbar 2.6, Zend Studio 10: 10 seconds.
Firefox, zend studio toolbar 2.6, PHPStorm 6: 3 min 28 sec (same result when using Chrome with bookmarklets).

This is a very significant difference. Same results I get when test on same hardware computers with same set up. Difference between Zend Studio and PHPStorm is so huge.
Also I have virtual machine with ubuntu 12.04, MySQL, LAMP and PHPStorm 6. And time of reaching that breakpoint is around 10 seconds.

At home I have powerfull computer with Mac OS X where debugging of that project in PHPStorm takes a few seconds, and less powerfull with Windows 7 with same setup I describe above where debugging takes 10-15 seconds.

So please help to find the reason... (and sorry for my English).

debugger config

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Yes, the same problem.
I have two machines with configuration like that and debugging sometimes turns to sorrows and makes me cry.
I start thinking about the futility of the existence and it makes me come to despair, waiting until it reaches that breakpoint

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Yes, I have had moments, when the debugger reached the desired brekpoint more than 40 minutes. At the same time on the same machine at Zend Studio to the same brekponit for a few seconds. What is the problem? It is not very desirable to change to Zend Studio, but Zend Studio has significant advantages in relation to debuggers.

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Please look at the screen captures at the bottom of this message:

I've been using ZendDebugger  for several years, but I had nothing but problems with ZendDebugger in phpstorm, so I switched to xdebug, and I am very happy that I made the switch.

You can download the binary from :

Download Site :

Select the one for your platform :

[   ] Komodo-PHPRemoteDebugging-8.0.1-78128-linux-x86.tar.gz       26-Mar-2013 15:12  1.3M  
[   ] Komodo-PHPRemoteDebugging-8.0.1-78128-linux-x86_64.tar.gz    26-Mar-2013 15:12  1.4M  
[   ] Komodo-PHPRemoteDebugging-8.0.1-78128-macosx.tar.gz          26-Mar-2013 15:12  1.3M  
[   ]          26-Mar-2013 15:12  1.0M  

Here's what I have in php.ini

; -------------------------------------------
; Disable the ZendDebugger stuff
; -------------------------------------------
; zend_extension=/opt/debuggers/

; zend_debugger.allow_hosts=,,,
; zend_debugger.expose_remotely=allowed_hosts
; zend_debugger.expose_remotely=always
; zend_debugger.httpd_uid=70

; -------------------------------------------
; Enable the xcode stuff
; -------------------------------------------
xdebug.idekey = PHPSTORM
xdebug.remote_autostart = On
xdebug.remote_connect_back = On
xdebug.remote_cookie_expire_time = 3600
xdebug.remote_enable = on
xdebug.remote_handler = dbgp
xdebug.remote_host =
xdebug.remote_log = /opt/logs/xdebug.log
xdebug.remote_mode = req
xdebug.remote_port = 9000

# -------------------------------------------
# This is for the Mac OSX, I don't know anything about windows
# Terminal Commands to create directories if they do not already exist
# -------------------------------------------

$ sudo mkdir -p /opt/debuggers
$ sudo mkdir -p /opt/logs
$ open /opt

# -------------------------------------------
# move the download to the /opt directory
# -------------------------------------------

$ sudo mv ~/Downloads/Komodo-PHPRemoteDebugging-8.0.1-78128-macosx /opt

# -------------------------------------------
# create /opt/debuggers/ symbolic link to the real
# make sure you have the correct version to use with your php version
# -------------------------------------------

$ sudo ln -s /opt/Komodo-PHPRemoteDebugging-8.0.1-78128-macosx/5.3/ /opt/debuggers/

# -------------------------------------------
# Directory Structure
# -------------------------------------------



/opt/debuggers/       # this is the symlink above

/opt/logs/xdebug.log                # the log will be created by php

# Restart your computer, and give it a go...

Best of luck,

Bill Hernandez
Plano, Texas


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