Problem getting PHPStorm when debugging to connect to database

I am trying to migrate to a new Mac system. I have PHPStorm set up and I am able to debug with one problem. I am also able to run the website as normal. The problem is that when debugging the debugging just quits when trying to connect to the mysql database. So there is something different happening in a browser from what is happening in the debugger. There are no error messages which is also unusual. The debugging just stops and the browser displays a message that the server closed the connection.

Why would this be happening?


I should add that this is not the first time I have seen this exact problem. It happened when I was first evaluating PHPStorm with XDEBUG. But I don't know what changed to fix it.

EDIT: in checking my notes, the problem was solved previously by upgrading xdebug. Both previously and in the current situation xebug was at 2.1.3. Previoulsy the ability to connect to mysql was solved by upgrading to 2.2.1. So I am going to give that a shot. Except that I don't remember how you change xdebug versions.Seemed like it was a lot of hacking last time.


Problem solved: xdebug which by default on Mountain Lion is version 2.1.3 will fail at mysqli_connect. Upgrading to 2.2+ solves the problem. It might be good to add the information to the PS documentation.


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