Menu "Code > Generate" missing

Hello everyone,

I have no clue how I did it, but the Actions for "Code > Generate" are missing completely.
If I am in the Project-Tree, I can go to the top-menu "Code" and I see "Generate" grayed out.
If I am inside a PHP File, then the Option is not available by either TopMenu or RightClickMenu.

I checked that the KeyMap for "Generate" is still "Alt + Insert" - this is true. However using the KeyMap has no effect either.

I've tried to restart the application as well as the PC, but i just can't get the Menu back. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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Hi there,

Well .. please try "File | Invalidate caches" for start.

If it does not help -- then you have to provide more information -- maybe the place where you invoke it is actually another language (e.g. injected html) and "Generate..." is simply not available for that language, etc?

If you think it's an issue on IDE side (the code is fine, but IDE is funny) -- try deleting IDE-config files so it will start with default settings (on Windows 7 it would be in C:\Users\USERNAME\.WebIde60 )

If "Generate..." menu entry is not visible at all under "Menu | Code" .. then try reset menu to it defaults: "Settings | Menus and Toolbars" -- then use one of the "Restore Default" buttons (all .. or just specific one).

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Thank you, this actually helped. I really didn't wanna revert everything back to default settings, that would have been quite the pita...
When first restarting, being inside a PHP Only Class-File "Alt+Insert" gave me the INSERT NEW... Menu. After all files had been parsed by the IDE, i got my Code-Menu back.
Really no clue how that happened in the first place, but for now it's back and you've saved my working-power :p

Edit: I only invalidated the caches!

Thank you


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