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Hello Jeppe,
In #630 you will be able to
- create new CMP field (includes adding <cmp-field> into XML DD,
getters/setters to EJB class/interfaces)
- add CMP field getter/setter abstract implementations to EJB class (when
editing EJb interface and press Alt-Enter )
- add CMP field getter/setter declarations to EJB interfaces (when editing
EJB class and press Alt-Enter)
- delete CMP field (includes patching XML DD, removing field accessors)

Alexey Kudravtsev.
JetBrains, Inc / IntelliJ Software
"Develop with pleasure!"

"Jeppe Cramon" <usenet@cramon.dk> wrote in message



When developing CMP 2.0 entity beans it would be a really nice addition if
you could (using Alt+Enter) an intention to add the property accessors to
the implementation bean as abstract methods (since CMP 2.0 requires that


persistent fields).


Thanks guys :)





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