Enabling Web Applications

Ok I need to know if simply enabling web applications, adding the name
and path to the application in the list of files is enough to get one
JSP which includes another JSP to recognize the variables in the
included JSP. It sure doesn't seem like it's working because my vars
still show in red, and it's really annoying.


P.S. Debug is slow on JDK 1.3 with build 624... what's the deal?

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When including one JSP file within another, it’s essential to ensure that variables are recognized correctly. The issue you’re facing with variables showing in red could be due to variable scope or incorrect usage. Variables declared inside a JSP function or scriptlet (<% ... %>) have limited scope. They are only accessible within that function or scriptlet. 


public void func1(String var1, String var2) {
   String Name = var1 + "," + var2;
   out.println("<input type='image' name='" + Name + "' src='somePath' onclick='submit()'/><br>");


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