css intelllisense and shorthand property

I test php storm with some others ide that support css information during write code . The Ctr Q is very nice but compare to other it miss some information.I test border property and i read there  is a shortland refer to w3school  border : border-width | border-style (required) |  border-color

1) could php webstorm suppot this functionnalities  or give more information when mouse cursor is focus on the border name property  and the others arguments ? ( dont make dissappear shortland syntax line)

1) I see that there is an functionnalities about shortland  by reading popup and bottom status bar  but no shortland process occur ?

i discover Ctrl F1  mean push dow Ctrl key  then push "up" on Ctr,  then clik on F1  ( on windows CTrl is press during F1 is press )  !!
Ctr F1 goes to website doucmentation but don't discover howto convert  shortland border .


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css intelllisense and shorthand property ( capture screen)

Some attribute value that appear have no relation with the attribute name : for border style we can see when write the first letter "s" ( solid) that silver is a choice .

As we can see in the bottom right of the capture screen ; the value could be  dotted  solid  dashed ...( but it seem the order in the shortland  is different or not important ! ) .


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