"Smart" highlight features stopped working in EAP

I am not sure if this is a bug or a default configuration change or something else.  For as long as I have used PHPStorm the IDE has felt more "interactive" than it does since the 126.23 EAP release.  I have not switched back to 5.0 yet to compare what exactly is different but one thing that stands out is that before, if I made a new class that implemented an interface, the class name would be underlined in red to indicate that not all methods were implemented (or that the class was not declared abstract).  This no longer works.  Another thing is that while you were typing, say, a variable name that was previously declared, the IDE would show the rest of the variable name in light grey to indicate that you could autocomplete.  You can still do this by pressing control + shift but I prefer to have the option to simply press tab as I'm typing.

Is this a setting somewhere?  I can't seem to find it.  Or is it a bug?



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