Is there a way to see raw results for Evaluate XPath?

I am trying to extract text from xml/html, using xpaths like this:


I would expect to get a simple list of strings, but instead I get results like:

(90: 58) <div id="territory_sales_summary" >Territory Sales Summary</div>
(169: 49) <div id="accounts_table" >Accounts</div>
(248: 69) <div id="marketing_objectives_eval_mcrcyou" >Marketing
(326: 66) <div id="marketing_objectives_eval_nsclc" >Marketing Objectives
(415: 60) <div id="marketing_objectives_eval" >Selling Skills</div>
(478: 60) <div id="territory_board_contr_box" >Territory Board Contributions</div>
(547: 29) <div >Development Discussion</div>
(557: 53) <div id="additional_content" >Additional Content</div>

In general, the xpath results panel is always showing a list of elements that match, and they are often truncated arbitrarily at line breaks so it's not even showing the entire element.

Is there a way to see the raw results from an XPath?

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