Bizzare "Undefined constant", PS-127.100

Dear all,

I starting to evaluate new wersion of PS and faced a very strange problem.

I have an external file "/usr/share/php/nexxOmnia" , which is a php file I would like to include.
Please have a look on attached screenshots.

Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 12.06.53 PM.png
IDE actually sees it, but showing me this strange warning:

Is there any way to fix this?



Hi Evgeny,

Adding quotes around file name should help:

include 'nexxOMNIA';


Thanks for a very prompt reply. Putting quotes helped.

In addition I have another error "Can't resolve target of expression". Actually as it seen from the baloon, IDE can resolve this path.

But for some strange reason, error messasge stays.

In addition I have this too:

(I've seen there was the quite similar problem in the past (

And now it's back. Any chance this can be corrected?



Well .. if you can edit your files, you may start such include path with specifying current folder first (I mean: require_once './../../file.php') -- may work. But even if it will work -- it's not a proper solution (to edit plenty of files just to satisfy single IDE inspection).

For me:

  1. I use autoloading functionality .. so I virtually have no include/require statements at all (except few places: autoloader itself; bootstrap file etc)
  2. I just disable this inspection altogether -- as far as I see it produces too many false alarms (the "unresolved include" inspection has quite a few pending tickets) in finely working code (even in rather simple examples, like yours) -- "Settings | Inspections | PHP | General | Unresolved include" (or just Alt+Enter on error and proceed from there). At the end fo the day this inspection is not that critical, compared to other functionality (for both devs and users) .. so I understand why it's not focused right now.

Oh... Ok, then.

Since the project runs fine, I will probably leave it as is for now and wait for the newer PS releases.



Here is a solution if you wish to edit your include/require statements:

require_once __DIR__ . '/../../csrest_clients.php';

Don't know if it's actually an acceptable solution for you, though.


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