no 'dir' from command line tool

I've set up one single command in the 'Command Line Tool support'-settings. This command works fine when run from the console inside phpstorm.

But, the help-file says that 'simple system commands like ls, pwd are available too'.
I'm running on Windows, I would suspect that 'dir' would be available from the command-line console, but it is not. I can 'cd <dir>' to change directories in the console, but I cannot see whats in the directoryes, since I cannot issue a 'dir'.

Should I setup my own tool for this in the 'Command Line Tool Support'-settings, or is it a bug that 'dir' is not available there?


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Unlike ls on Linux, dir command does not have corresponding executable. It is fully emulated by cmd. Currently the only emulated commad Command Line Tool supports is cd. Feel free to vote for dir support here.


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