How do I make debug await external tools' return


I like the debugging capabilities of WebStorm a lot, but I also love the possibility of launching a few external tools before the debug URL is called.
My problem is that my external tools are not nearly done before the browser is launched and my page has been opened. So my question is this;

How do I make the debug launch await a return from the external tools?

(Bonus question: ...And are there any method of making it pass the return state (usually an error code or something like that) as a parameter to the launched site?)

In any case; The possibility of running external tools "before launching" the debugging stuff kinda looses its power if there is no guarantee that these tools get to finish before -what I assumed to be- the next step, namely the debugger launch.
If anybody have input, I'd love to hear about it.

Best regards,


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Hi there,

Currently you cannot do anything about it. But it's already fixed:

Hopefully fix will be available in one of the next PhpStorm builds (must be 128.xx branch or newer -- PhpStorm v6.0 final (current public version) is based on 127.xx branch)

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Yay! That'd be awesome :D Thanks...


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