Zen Coding broken in 6.0?


prior to the latest update I used to be able to code html like this:

div<enter key> would result in <div></div> being autocreated by the IDE, now it just makes a new line.

div.test would create <div ></div>, no longer works.

ul>li*3 would create <ul><li></li><li></li><li></li></ul>, no longer works.

I have checked the autocompletion since it always resets to TAB between version updates and it is set to ENTER.

Is there some new settings that needs to be enabled to get this functionality back?

edit: I forgot to mention it that it does work with TAB, but the completion is set to ENTER. All my other live templates work with ENTER and not TAB.

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Hi there,

All 3 examples are working fine here in .html file with both [Tab] and [Enter] keys (PhpStorm v6)

Please double check your settings at Settings | Emmet (Zen Coding) | Expand abbreviation with

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I tried removing the WebIDE folder in users and re-importing my settings, it did the trick. Alltough the settings for Zen still autodefaulted to TAB even though they are set to ENTER when exporting!

Thanks for your help :)


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