Alt+number shortcut

The default shortcuts of PHPStorm come with several Alt+number linked to various panel. For example, alt+1 is "project". Nice. Even nicer is that the panel title label includes the shortcut: "1: project".

Unfortunatly, on non-us KB this shortcut doesn't actually exist. Hitting Alt + "key with 1 on it" is actually an ampersand. Not really a problem, I can remap all panels.

But if I do that, I'm losing the nice prefix with the shortcut number, which is a cool reminder.

Any way I can keep it or specify it?




Sure, you can go to Settings -> Keymap -> "Main menu > View > Tool Windows" and reassign shortcuts you like in your custom keymap scheme.


In fact, I added my own keystroke to the default one, to keep the label (so I have two shortcuts, one being unaccessible). But if I remove the default one, I have no mean to add it again.
Maybe a cool feature would be to be able to rename the label to add one's own reminders... :)


Old post but I have the same issue with my Belgian keyboard on IntelliJ Ultimate since I switch to Ubuntu.

Before I was on Windows 10 and all shortcuts with a number worked great. Now on Ubuntu (18.04) shortcuts (e.i Alt+Shift+8) are not recognized so I must add my own to Alt+Shift+! because the ! is on the 8 key.


I also have the same problem with numbers on the keyboard. Maybe due to the non-us keyboard. It would be nice if IntelliJ could support non-us keyboard.


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