Lost my undos

I was editing a file, and needed to back up a bit. I was expecting to be able to undo the last set of changes. But for safety ("paranoia"), I wanted to make a copy of the present file. So I did a "save as". Unfortunately I made a typo in the "save-as" filename. So I just changed the file name. When I went back to my original file, apparently I am now unable to "undo", because it thinks I might want to undo the file copy, but since the name of the file has changed, it won't let me do that, let alone get back to undo the prior series of edits.

This seems like a strange workflow to me. I don't want to be able to undo the saving of a file as a backup copy. Yet the fact that that "feature" is present, now prevents me from getting back to a working copy of the file.

I have used this kind of workflow for years.I am used to an undo capability that reverses each edit to a file. Is there a way to stop the undo from getting messed up as described, and restore the ability to undo edits only?

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Hi Jeff,

I'm not sure if you can "turn that off". But you can still undo your file edit changes: right click on file | Local History and proceed from there.

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That is certainly a different approach which could work. I'll keep it in mind.

I guess that main lesson it "don't make paranoia copies of files from within PS - use an external method". Or maybe: "don't make external paranoia copies ... and then change their names".



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