Why does PHPStorm try to connect to websites that are in my code?

I first noticed this issue in Version 5.0.4 which I just recently started using. I was hoping the issue would go away with Version 6. But it still occurs.

Here is what happens: there is a reference in my code to some external website. For example, the Better Business Bureau. Many times when I edit certain pages of the site, Little Snitch reports that PHPStorm wants to connect to that external website. It seems to happen for several different sites, but not every link in the code base.

Is there a setting to disable this? Why is such a "feature" even provided?

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Jeff, please open Settings dialog, click Inspections, then search and turn off 'Non-existent web resource' inspection.


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Thanks for that!

I previously figured it must be an Inspection, but when I opened that sub-panel, for some reason it did not populate, and just had the buttons across the top.

But even if it had populated, I don't know that I would have been able to find it easily. So thanks, again!


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