I second this question.  I'm not keen on these new icons, especially the folders.  Curious if I could just drop in the old icons.jar file to change back.  But this wouldn't solve for the icons in the tabs. The argument there could be icons make it easy to see the file type, but this is where I love scopes, very easy to apply a mask to *.css and *.js files and color code them.


an icon option would be nice.  To choose your icon set.  I also prefer the previous ones.


+1 for that feature. I also dislike the new icons.


I think for me after using phpstorm for a day with the new icons, the only 2 icons I have an issue with are
* the project panes, folder icon
* debug icon.

The debug icon is hard to see the difference between on and off.

Before it was green is on, red is off. but the new icons, the difference only changes in the top left corner.  I use that button a lot and its takes effort to look for it.


I would prefer to see extension, not icon ;)


My point is, that you have very customizable product and this is strange that you have added such debatable feature and didn't give any chance to customize it :)

  1. I have not added anything: I simply do not work for JB :)  (P.S. Almost all JB staff has JB overlay icons over their avatars)
  2. You cannot expect every single thing to be customisable. If devs would implement every "customise this for my use case" request you would have at very least 3-times bigger settings (for some people current number of settings is "already too big and need to be simplified" as it "scares away new users" -- just because they are new to this product and feel a bit lost compared to their previous well-known IDE)
  3. From personal experience:
    • it's very natural to reject such rather big change ... but after few days/weeks you will get used to new interface/icons and will not pay attention to them.
    • new icons do work wll on new dark Darcula theme while old one would not look attractive at all (I personally still use "normal"/light theme).

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