PhpStorm 6 Licensing

Just checking to see if others are having an issue applying an earlier license to PhpStorm 6?

I purchased 4.x in June of 2012, upgraded to 5.0.x without any problems, and just downloaded 6.0. Upon startup the application asks for licensing, and I provide the key I received when I purchased the product, yet ... it is not accepted.  The OK button never activates.

Is there an updated license key format that is required for 6.0 ?

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Mine worked fine every time (since v1).

I may only suggest contact their support (or maybe even sales) directly -- they are usually fast with responding to any emails:

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Thanks for the reply.

ok ... so it appears i had to include the entire section below:

===== LICENSE BEGIN =====
===== LICENSE END =====

Once the BEGIN and END parts were there, it worked.


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