After deleting a file - File list collapses

After deleting a file from a project (from the project file window), the file list collapses, and shows only the "root" node, so I have to press the '+' in order to see the list again.
Is it a bug? or can it be modiferd?
(see attached - before & after screenshot)

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Hi there,

1) PhpStorm v6 is out (just yesterday) -- please try it -- maybe the issue is not present there:

2) I see that you are using "All" scope in Project View. Does issue present when using "Project" scope?

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Thanks for your reply...

1) It happens also in version 6 in "All" scope
2) It DOESN'T happen in "project" scope

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I can be wrong here, but I think it's pretty much the same as "Project" (at least I do not notice any diff on my projects).

Is it important for you to use "All" scope? If yes -- you may file new ticket to the Issue Tracker


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