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When I am working on a file, and press the "run" command (either from the menu or from the shift+F10 shortcut), it runs the last file that was run, and not the current one.
If I want to run the current one - I have to preess alt+shift+F10 and choose the desidred file from the list.

Is there a way to make the shift+F10 shortcut to run the CURRENT file?

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Hi there,

Shift+F10 (Run | Run xxx) does not necessarily run the last file -- it does run the currently selected Run/Debug Configuration (that drop down box on main tool bar, on the left to Run/Debug buttons).

Every Run or Debug is linked to Run/Debug Configurations (Run | Edit Configurations...) -- there are many types of them.

PhpStorm does not have simple "Run current file" button -- even when you use Alt+Shift+F10 it creates temporal Run/Debug Configuration (You can see them in Run | Edit Configurations -- they have dimmed/faded icons).

If you want to change shortcuts -- Settings | Keymap


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