couldn't load main class

Hello All!
I download PHPStorm 6, install it by default on my Win7.
But I can run it only as Administrator. I click right mouse button on PHPStorm logo, choose run as admin.
If I try run PHPStorm not as Admin a have error "couldn't load main class".
I have admin right on my desktop. I have not this problem some times before. My be this some Microsoft upgrades do or ... I dont now.
How can I fix them?

Thank you.

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Can you please attach a screenshot? Thanks!

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Two click on left mouse button and I see this error.
I think this is not PHPStorm problem this is windows permission problem may be with user folder, but I have admin right and have this error.

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Can you check which OS process this window belongs to? Just open Windows Task Manager, find the window and use "Switch to process"


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