SublimeText 2 converter guide?

Is there a guide floating around how to get used to WebStorm coming from SublimeText?

I want to use Webstorm but have the following gripes with it... having trouble figuring out the natural keys for these things...

If anyone has a guide it would be great, if not, I will make one.

Here are some things I'm strugging with when trying to adjust:

How to...

...switch tabs?

...multiple line edit?

...shortcut to close a file?

...shortcut to adjust number of panes?

...quickly adjust intent/tabs/sacing?

...allow File Search (CMD+SHIFT+N) to do substring matches?

...change sidebar color to darker?

Would be great if anyone could give me a head start!

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Not sure of a guide but keyboard shortcuts for alot the requested items can be located/configured in Settings->IDE Settings->keymap

     Next Tab -> Alt+Right
     Previous Tab -> Alt+Left
     Close -> Ctrl+F4

Indents/Spacing can be adjusted in Settings->Code Style

As far as changing the side bar color it can done via Settings->Appearance->Theme and choosing a different theme, although ive yet to be overly impressed with any of the theme options, Darkula seems to be my favorite.


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