WebStorm 6 and node_modules

I've been waiting for WebStorm 6 and its explicit support for node_modules for some time.
In this blog post's comments, Borek asks about support for excluding node_modules from things like Navigate to File, inspections etc. while keeping code completions,
and ksafonov says that in WebStorm 6 this will be accomplished by automatically putting node_modules into a special library.
However, I just ran the Inspect Code command on my project (by selecting the default option "Module 'myproject'"),
and it still picks out the tens of thousands of errors / warnings present in node_modules.
This is not only painfully slow, but makes it very difficult to find where problems are in my code.

Do I have to do something manually to get node_modules added to the special library?
How do I verify that it has been added?
Is there a bug?

I checked all of the WebStorm documentation under node.js, but it doesn't mention anything about node_modules, just core modules.

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Unfortunately this has not been done yet, we plan to include it in 6.0.x release.


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Thanks for the prompt reply Kirill.
Well, I guess we'll have to eagerly await the 6.0.x release.
Hopefully my license doesn't expire before then.

By the way, does 6.0.x mean the next minor release (whatever it may be),
or just some future 6.0 release?

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"6.0.x" means "6.0.1", maybe "6.0.2" etc - these are minor bugfix releases. There may be a more than one (typically published few weeks after major one).

Your license allows you to use all the updates during 1 year since you obtained the license.

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For anyone interested, the issue was split into WEB-1927


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