Not getting email / license key

How is it possible I have paid for the application, but still didn't receive my license key via jetBrains?
I have send them multiple e-mails concerning this problem, but I didn't get any feedback.

When I registered on this website to post this discussion, I didn't get a confirmation e-mail on my regular e-mailadres. Instead I used a different e-mailaddress without a problem.
How can I come in contact with jetBrains to send me the license key to this e-mailaddress or add my regular e-mailaddress to the safe-list?


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How long do you usually have to wait for a license key?

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It usually takes 1-2 hours.
According to the Terms and Conditions of Purchase, item 4.2: "JetBrains will use its best efforts to deliver Product purchased by  Customer within 2 business days of the order acceptance. JetBrains shall  not be liable for any failure to deliver Product within this timeframe."
If you didn't get your license key after 2 business days, feel free to contact

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1-2 hours, thanks.  I sent an email as it's been about 12 hours, hopefully it comes way before 2 days.  I understand I can use the trial version, but it would be nice to have my key available to me asap.

Edit: Just got my license right as I made this post :)


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