Error using self-signed certificate

I am trying to add my Trac server as a Task Server in PhpStorm. My Trac server is SSL-enabled with a self-signed certificate.
Initially I received an "invalid certificate" error. I got around that by following the steps from this post by JetBrains' Elena Shaverdova.

For the vmoptions file, I added this line:"C:\Program Files (x86)\JetBrains\PhpStorm 5.0.1\jre\jre\lib\security\cacerts"

Which is the full path to the keystore. I have verified that my certificate is succesfully imported into the "cacerts" file, as it appears when I do a keytool.exe -list. However, when I now try to add my server, it throws the following error which I cannot seem to resolve:

2013-02-22 22:34:49,648 [  20921]   INFO - .httpclient.HttpMethodDirector - I/O exception ( caught when processing request: Error constructing implementation (algorithm: Default, provider: SunJSSE, class:

Looking at the JSSE documentation I figured it might be caused by the missing keyStorePassword setting, but if I add my PhpStorm.exe.vmoptions file and add the below line, it still throws the same error.

Does anyone have any further suggestions how to solve this exception?

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Slight bump for this issue, which I'm still experiencing. As a workaround I temporarily disabled SSL-only access to my Trac environment, but I'd rather not. If anyone has any experience with Java SSL issues and might have a suggestion in which direction to look, it would be much appreciated.


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