PL/SQL syntax highlighting broken?

I searched the web (and this forum and stackoverflow) and found nothing, so a new question:

PL/SQL syntax highlighting - provided by the plugin "Database Navigator" - seems broken. It works 90% but the missing 10% create a lot of red errors, and also leads to some broken structure detection (used for CTRL-7 structure view and for collapsing pieces of code).

For example, the very first line with a reported (PL/SQL) syntax error inside a procedure of my package file is


The error is reported just before the "(" and says expected: ";" which is just ridiculous. Seems the syntax highlighitng does not even know about the PL/SQL syntax for calling procedures? But it does not complain about ALL proceudre calls, only some - what is going on here?

Of course, the whole package compiles just fine so there really should be shown ZERO syntax errors, instead the right hand side of my PL/SQL package file shows plenty of red error marks.


It seems there already is a ticket for this issue with the Database Navigator plugin:


Hi Michael,

The Database Navigator plugin is a 3rd party software (not written by JetBrains). If you have any issues with that plugin -- you should report it directly to plugin authors (you already found their issue tracker).

BTW -- the bundled Database Support plugin -- is there anything there why it is not good for you?


Please see the reply just above your reply.


That your replies to *MY* QUESTION are getting more and more superfluous - the last one definitely, the first one looking back over both your replies now because you even admit you saw that I already knew and you STILL just HAD to say it.

I'm not going to feed the troll (you turned into with your last answer), so you now have this thread all for yourself.


Its useless to ask questions about this plugin here: its know for a quite some time to be the cause of many problems, and our only recommendation is "use built in database support" - its quite powerful.
And PL/SQL package/procedure editor was added
Try v6 EAP


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