How to escape from Ctrl+f panel but do not close it without mouse?


I use PhpStorm on Windows 7.

I want to search some text in my code and highlight all occurrences and jump to edit search results (with remained highlight).

My steps:

  • ctrl+f;
  • typing text for search;
  • results now highlighted;
  • I'm still in search panel and I want to jump to one of results and start to edit it, but leave all results highlighted.

Esc close search panel and hide all highlights.

Now I found the only way to do it is to click in code area. But I prefer to do it without mouse.

I can click Ctrl+Tab twice, but I hope there is some more smart way.

Help me please

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Hi Victor!
A single Tab pressing will move the focus to the Editor.
As for me, the best way to escape Find panel and go to Editor is to use shortcuts for jumping through the occurrences of the search string: F3 (Next Occurence) and Shift+F3 (Previous Occurence).

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Hi Maxim!

Single Tab doesn't work.
F3 - good thing, but more comfy for me to see highlighting.


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I found it! :)
Ctrl+Enter put me to the current search result!

Many thanks and sorry for post


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