Multiple phpunit version in different projects

Is there a nice solutions for having different phpunit version in different projects on windows?
I was thinking of installing different php version with each a different phpunit version, which seems quite a hassel.

Thank for good ideas.


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What PhpStorm version do you use (Help | About) ?

If v5 -- it is the solution I would think of from the start (multiple PHP installations). On another hand: try passing custom include paths (that will include paths for specific PHPUnit installation) as command line parameter -- be it via "PHPUnit" Run/Debug configuration ("Interpreter options" field) or via custom "PHP Interpreter" configuration (same idea; but then you will have to switch active for the project when another version is required). I just not 100% sure if it will accept this sort of parameters (it should, i'm pretty positive about it, just too lazy to check this myself).

if v6 -- it can ALSO use phpunit.phar, so you just change Settings to point to another version when needed (same sort of disadvantage as with custom "PHP Interpreter" idea).

If you just need "this  project uses this PHPUnit version, that one uses another", then either "PHP Interpreter" or "use *.phar" approach is just fine.


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