New project from network mounted share PLUS upload via SFTP? How?

Hey guys,

I've been using PhpStorm to access files via a network mounted share directly (unsupported) from a local NAS, and then upload those modified files (Ctrl+Shift+U) to a live web server via SFTP. All has been fine.
I've just setup a VPN with the aim to edit some of these NAS files from a remote location using PhpStorm on my laptop.

I need to setup PhpStorm to copy my project from the NAS over the VPN to my local laptop, but still need the option to upload them to the live web server via SFTP.
Just after some clarification on the correct way to do this?
ie: so it syncs files automatically over the VPN to my NAS at the office but also give me the normal upload option (Ctrl+Shift+U) so I can push any changed files to the separate live server via SFTP.

It would also be great if I could keep the "Compare With Deployed Version On LIVE-SFTP-SERVER" option.

I think I almost got it working, but couldn't figure out a way to do automatic syncing with a non-default server (VPN+NAS) while having the default server as the SFTP one for default upload/syncing location.

Thanks heaps!

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Hi there,

Any "automatic" stuff is applied to Default deployment configuration only.

But you still can manually sync with another server via "Context Menu | Deployment | Sync with Deployed to..." (or "Upload to...") as long as you have more than one deployment entry configured for this project.


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