xdebug on remote server not starting

I'm using Windows 8 Pro 64 for developing with Phpstorm. I have another machine running a LAMP server.
I have my site files in a shared/mapped drive so I can access files on Windows.
I created a new project choosing 'server remote and files on mapped drive'
I attached screenshots of all settings.
XDEBUG is running on server as you can tell by the phpinfo
site files are not in /var/www, but in /media/websites/sandbox.dev
sandbox.dev is a virtual host

I can telnet to my dev Windows machine from server via port 9000


I'm trying to debug WordPress. I set a breakpoint in index.php, clicked the phone icon clicked the bookmarklet in the browser ,refreshed, but xdebug is not starting
it works fine on my local DesktopServer install

any help appreciated!

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ok I got it to work thanks to this thread that I hadn't seen before


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