Git Rebase in Phpstorm help

I created a new project with a new git repository. I added test.txt to the master branch, commited it and then created test_branch.

I checked out the master branch, updated test.txt and commited that change.

I checked out test_branch and tried to rebase master in test_branch.

Here were the dialog box settings:
Interactive checked
Branch: test_branch
Onto: refs/heads/test_branch
From: refs/heads/master
Default merge strategy

It never works with PHPStorm. If I run "git rebase master" on the command line, it works correctly.

Am I doing something worng in PHPStorm?



The equivalent for "git rebase master" will be the following dialog setup:

Interactive not checked (if you check "interactive", it will be "git rebase -i master").
Branch: test_branch
Onto: refs/heads/master
From: empty
Default merge strategy


Thanks Kirill, The problem is it forces me to put a "from" before the rebase button is activated.


Сould you please attach a screenshot illustrating the problem?


Thanks for your follow up Kirill. I appreciate you taking the time.

I was misunderstanding onto, so that was causing my problem.

Thanks again.


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