Performance comparison between WebStorm and PHPStorm

I'm using PHPStorm since the last year, while I tried WebStorm EAP for the first time this morning; I'm using a Mac with OS X 10.8.2 installed and 8Gb of RAM and I just created a new empty project and wrote some very short TypeScript code on both the IDEs for about an half hour, so I'm not claiming that this is an accurate test; on the contrary, actually it's just an impression.

Is it only my imagination or WebStorm EAP-126.309 is a lot faster and more responsive than PHPStorm EAP-126.339 while editing code? Do not get me wrong, I love PHPStorm and I couldn't live (or work) without it, but WebStorm feels so responsive to use while editing static files that I'm starting to consider getting a second license just to use it for Javascript/CSS/JS instead of PHPStorm :-)
Does this happen because the PHP plugin or other plugins slows PHPStorm performances ?
Is it normal that I can't keep open both PHPStorm and WebStorm at the same time ? Not that I need this function, it's pure curiosity.

Thank you and best regards


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