How to turn off LESS autosave

When I'm editing LESS code editor auto saves file after each change. How this behaviour can be turned off?


Hi Alex,

What IDE and version?

2 candidates: LiveEdit or File Watchers plugins -- depends what version you are using and how you have configured them.


Hello, Andriy

I'm on the last EAP 6 126.159.

I don't see any settings related to the issue in project's file watchers (I have a couple for LESS).

Didn't find LiveEdit related stuff in a menu.


It's not the latest available build. Please download 126.254. There is a new option "Imediate file synchronization". You should disable it for LESS file watcher(Settings -> File Watchers -> LESS).


It would be good also to have COPY option for file watchers, and confirmation on delete.


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