Batch Run / Run multiple configurations in one click

My team is currently working on a wide Node.js system distributed on many nodes and deployed in the Cloud. When developing, it is very useful to be able to start all the nodes on the developer machine. It allow easy debugging and live logging in the console. We therefore have one Run Configuration for each node type.

Main annoyance in this setup is that all Run Configurations must be started manually. Is there any way to start multiple Run Configuration at once? It would be really useful.

Guillaume Brossard

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Hi Guillaume,

Currently it is not possible. You can try doing it by recording a macros -- may work, although unsure at all.

In any case:

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Ok, thanks a lot Andriy.

The setup we are envisaging is to have a Grunt script starting/stopping all the instances. All instances will have a dedicated debug port. We will then have a remote debug configuration for each node.
Since you usually want to debug only one or two nodes, that will give us more or less what we want...

The workflow would be:
1- Start the Node.js Run Configuration for the Grunt script.
2- Start the Remote Debug Configuration for the node to debug.

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Each Run/Debug configuration has "Before Launch" option (not sure abot v5, but v6 has it) -- maybe you can combine your extra steps into single script (to be launched via External Tools functionality .. or as Phing target) so it can be run just before last step (which would be the actaul Run/Debug configuration) ?



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