Synchronous Git "Pull" for Project in Webstorm

we have a project with many repos.  They are all set to branch "master".  (e.g. screenshot)

The pull on the root repository in which the others are embedded operates only on the master.  Do these all need to be moved to a branch with the same name for the  synch mechanism to work, or does "master" suffice?

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 08.40.44.png
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Hello, Ron,

Currently VCS | Git | Pull action doesn't support synchronous pull for multiple repositories.
However, VCS | Update Project action supports it: it pulls from tracked branches to current branches into all repositories. They don't have to be on branches with same name, the only requirement now is that tracking should be set for all repositories.

Btw, there are plans to merge both actions in one of the nearest releases to provide both powerful and flexible support for Git Push.


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