How do I search for a file by name?

I am coming from Eclipse where I was able to press CTRL+SHIFT+R and then start typing in the name of a file, and it would show me all of the paths where there were file names matching the text I had entered.

With PHPStorm, I know that I can click on a folder in the "1:Project" panel and start typing in order to search for a file by name.  Unfortunately, it only searches visible folders that have been expanded in the panel.  We have thousands of folders at relatively large depths and there seems to be no way to expand all folders (there is a way to collapse all folders).

Is there a way to search all folders for a file by name?


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Hi Stephen,

Navigate | File...

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Thank you Andriy. That is exactly what I was looking for! (sorry i accidentally clicked on "helpful" instead of "correct").


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