PhpStorm freezes for a minute after hitting enter key

So, this is happening often to me
In a PHP script, when I hit the ENTER key right after an opening PHP tag <?php
the IDE just freeezes for a minute or so, then resumes normally

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H paul,

Please report such issue directly to the Issue Tracker

There, please provide:

  1. PhpStorm, OS and Java versions (Help | About)
  2. File example to reproduce (when attaching, you can make it visible for devs only)
  3. idea.log and thread damps (Help | Reveal Log in ...)
  4. Your project files -- are they on local HDD/SSD .. or another computer (over network)?
  5. Some profiling results:

If you are using v5 -- please try v6 EAP build (you can run them side by side -- they store settings in different folders -- the only thing to backup is project settings (.idea subfolder) if you want to work with that project in v5 later) and report your experience.


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