Highlight the line where something is found

Hello Community

When I use "find" in a file, all occurences of the searched string are highlighted. However, even with bright colors, I often have trouble finding which occurence I'm supposed to see.

Is there a way to highligh the current "found line"? I looked at colors prefs without success.




Hi greg,

Highlight whole line -- no, I do not think so. But you can use Next/Previous occurrence to jump between found locations and if your style for current line is bright, you should easily see what line it is.

You can also set more brighter/noticeable colors for search text (Settings | Editor | Colors & Fonts | General | Text search result)


Thanks for your answer. I already set a very bright color but it's not enough to quickly locate the line when the screen is full of information... I hope that feature will be added at some point :)



Feel free to submit Feature Request ticket to the Issue Tracker


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