NodeJS Configuration Missing?

Now PhpStorm from what I know should have everything that WebStorm has plus the PHP support.  I was trying to get PhpStorm setup to run testacular test wuthin the application and I saw a few video on how to do this with WebStorm however it show you need to create a NodeJS run configuration however there is no NodeJS configuration option available in PhpStorm 5 or 6 EAP.  I downloaded and installed WebStorm and sure enough it has the NodeJS configuration option for create Run/Debug configurations so is there any reason for the missing options.  These are the missing option:

  • JsTestDriver
  • Node JS
  • Node JS Remote Debuging
  • Nodeunit

Hi Ryan,

Some plugins that are bundled with WebStorm are not bundled (installed by default) with PhpStorm -- but you can easily install them manually via Settings | Plugins

In your case you are missing (need to install) Node.js plugin


Cool, thanks.

BTW, is there a list somewhere that lists the plugins installed in WebStorm that are not installed by default in PhpStorm (in case I run into this problem with another feature, a list like that might be helpful)?


Don't know any.

You can do manual comparison: install both programs and run one after another making notes on differences.

Alternatively -- just "Settings | Plugins | Browse Repository" and install any plugin from that list that you need.


Check for the Node.js Plug it may need an update.

I Update PyCharm Professional and I wanted to configure a Node app some time later, I was going crazy. The only thing that

I needed to do it to update the node plug in afterwards. 




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