List Inheritance Heirarcy while editing a php class

Currently when a class extends a base class only the current class is shown in the class heirarcy, is it possible to list all the parent classes?


Currently it just shows '\Articles' the current class,(the first line in white background)


I want to show all its parent, '\Model\Eloquent\Article' instead of just '\Article'


Hi Akash,

The purpose of the "PHP breadcrumbs" area (that is how it is called) is similar to what it does for HTML/XML files -- quickly tell where you are. Therefore it only shows your current position (class/method .. or just function) and not entire possible hierarchy.

Already mentioned "Navigate | Type Hierarchy" is the way to go. It is not dynamic (will not display structure based on current location -- you have to invoke it manually when needed), but it is there and working fine.

If you organize your classes in hierarchical way (e.g. Zend_Exception_Abstract --> Zend/Exception/Abstract.php or similar kind if things with namespaces), then you may find Navigation bar (bar above tabs, below main toolbar -- contains folders/files path to current file) useful -- right and left clicks are working there, so navigation can be OK.

Another alternative (if you know to what class you need to jump) -- "Navigate | Class" -- few keys pressed (e.g. ZEA can preselect Zend/Exception/Abstract.php) and you are your final destination.


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