[SOLVED] Zen coding expand settings

Hi guys,

I wanted to know if i missed something about zen coding settings / configuration. Zen Coding works fine in phpStorm... but my problem is that, in css files, expanding the shorthand property creates a new line each time.

Since i code my css properties in one line, it's starting to drive me crazy. Did i miss something ? Or is it the way the css feature of zen coding has been implemented in phpStorm?

I worked with several different IDE and zencoding, and i never had this issue.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Olivier,

CCS Zen Coding in PhpStorm is done via Live Templates functionality -- check it at "Settings | Live Templates".

You will see that each of such entry has an check box (in right bottom corner): "Reformat according to style". If it is checked, code formatter will be invoked for modified code line(s). Therefore, the reason for the issue you are having is in your code formatting settings.

Settings | Code Style | CSS | Other --> Keep single-line block --- make sure it is checked.

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Hi Andriy,

It works perfectly well, thanks for the fast answer.


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