How to change slashes direction in External tool macros

Hello, i'm trying to use external tools to compile SASS into CSS, and i want SASS to watch my project directory.
If I want this to work fine i need forward slashes in my path parameters, but macros allows me to insert only backslasehs.
So, is there any way to change slashes direction?


Hi Timofey,

I assume you are using windows and set parameters to "--watch $ProjectFileDir$\sass:$ProjectFileDir$\compiled". You should set working directory to $ProjectFileDir$(see screenshot).

FYI the latest EAP WebStorm 6 build includes new feauter called Background Tasks. WebStorm will suggest you adding predefined task for SASS files that compiles *.sass files into *.css on changes. You can check how it works for TypeScript in this post.


Hi Fedor,
Thanks for quick response, it worked for me great!

I'm greatfull for your help.


What did you choose? An external tool or background task? :)


An External tool.
I watched video about backgorund tasks and they are great, but I've decided to wait for final release of PhpStorm :)


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