Switching VCS - CVS To Git - Shelved Changes?

We are in preparations to switch an extremly heavily used CVS repo to Git. That won't affect our ability to apply changes Shelved with PHPStorm, will it? It seems that the shelve / unshelve process is VCS agnostic, but I just want to make certain.


Does this mean that nobody knows the answer?


Hello Keith,

You're right: you can shelve/unshelve changes in all VCSs in PhpStorm. So you won't lose this ability.
You are even able to apply to Git the changes which were shelved from CVS, if you need to do so.
This is because when you shelve changes, you actually create a patch file which resides somewhere in Intellij. And when you unshelve, you apply this patch file.


Yea, the patches are in {home}/.webIde60/confiug/shelf. I just wanted to make sure.


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