Suggestions? Git Workflow / Uploading

I am just getting started with git, although I've learned a lot over the past week. I am looking for suggestions on how to best implement this workflow.

I currently host my projects on a shared hosting account.

For each project I setup a "preview" subdomain for testing/client approval along with the live site.

These folders are accessible in my account root, for example

What I would like to be able to do is:

  1. Setup my projects in git using my hosting account to host my repositories. I have ssh access to my account and have already compiled git and am capable of making and accessing repositories.
  2. Make branches for new features, update the changes to my "preview" subdomain for testing/approval, and once approved be able to merge the branch and update the live site... Rinse and repeat...

I've been trying a lot of different things, making clones and using hooks, but can't seem to get a clean solution.

I appreciate any suggestions.



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Did you get a workflow you like? I'm new to PHPStorm and git and I'm in about the same boat you were.

I added the files I wanted to start my project in /readings . Under readings /readings/home and a few files. I was able create a git project locally and then upload it to github -- Yeh!

Then I figured I'd connect to github with PHPStorm and start a new project and I'd be good to go. I am very close but I've got an extra level of subdirectory.

I've got readings/readings and under readings/readings/home .

Any suggestions on how to proceed? Right now I'm thinking make sure I'm synced on github, delete the local copy, and start over locally. That's the whole point of git and github, right?


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