WebStorm "Sale" Any Time Soon?

Good Morning All,

I recently found WebStorm after years of foolishly using Notepad to code my pages. Wonderful to make sure you know your syntax but tedious if you miss something along the way. So I decided to look for a better option.

So I tried WebStorm demo and I am impressed with what it has to offer and I'm ready to drink the KoolAid and take the plunge! I did a quick Google search looking for any type of discount or promotional pricing and found a few links referencing different sales JetBrains has offered in the past and was curious if anybody knows when the next sale on WebStorm personal licensing might be happening??

It's always tough after the holidays to scatch together cash so I'm trying to save wherever I possibly can.

Thanks to anybody with any insight or info.

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Irregardless to sale you can live quite a while using free EAP builds.


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