General Setup Steps with a Virtual Machine

I'm running OSX 10.8 for editing my code, and a virtual machine running Ubuntu 12.04 Server Edition. When I edit code, it gets rsynced to the VM, where I execute the code for testing. In asking more specific questions about setup, I realized that I do not have the basic configuration in place to handle this sort of "remote" editing in PHPStorm.

Given this OSX -> Ubuntu VM setup, what are the general configuration steps you would take to get PHPStorm set up in OSX and working with the virtual machine (including Xdebug and PHPUnit).

Please be as specific as possible as to where the settings you are configuring are located within phpstorm, and the more detail about what the setting does, and why you're setting, the better. I know this question will take a good amount of effort to answer, but I think the answers will be very helpful for me, and anyone trying to set up phpstorm for "remote" programming. So thank you very much in advance!

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