Editor Colors - Background color for highlighted strings


I am trying to customize the Editor colors for PHP, JS and CSS. I have created a custom theme which uses a dark background and light text.

The problem is that every time I put the cursor inside a string surrounded with "quotes", in any file type (CSS, html, js, php), the background color for the string changes to a lighter color (specifically, #e4e4ff). I can't find where this color is specified in the color editor. I have changed all of the values for General, HTML, JS, PHP and CSS and cannot find the entry that causes this. Is this a bug? Is there any way I can search for this color to remove it?


Is it by chance General > Caret Row ?

I have my backgrounds dark with my own custom theme, but I can't reporduce it.
I just know that the setting above controls the Caret row colors.


Try this:

Settings > Editor > Colors & Fonts > General > Injected language fragment

set it to the same color as a string type in your working language.


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