Webstorm failing to open files in editor window

I am running Webstorm 5.0.4 on a mac, and I have run into this issue where I am unable open files in the editor window. It essentially makes the IDE unusable since I cannot edit code at all. I have tried both restarting the application, and rebooting the computer.

I was hoping someone might have a solution for this issue.



Oh, and I have reinstalled Webstorm, hoping that it would solve the issue.


Hi Dylan,

please, can you elaborate a bit more on your issue? Does it look similar to http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-92005?

Best regards,


I had this problem when I installed the latest Markdown plugin.  I wasn't even able to open the preferences window to disable it.

Check your ~/Library/Application Support/WebIde50/ folder and try disabling plugins one at a time.


@Jonathan: That did the trick.  I had updated the Markdown plugin and forgot about it. All I had to do was hop into ~/Library/Application Support/WebIde50/ and remove the plugin.   It appears that the latest update to the plugin completely renders Webstorm/PhpStorm unusable.  

Thanks for the prompt solution.


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