FTPS error after handshake

Hi. I've been using FTP in PhpStorm. Now I wanted to switch to FTPS, but I'm unable to connect to my server.

My login credentials are correct, server is also fine because I'm able to log in from FileZilla without any problems. PhpStorm throws error "Could not connet to FTPS server on XXX" and my server log says:

Dec 21 02:29:44 mod_tls/2.4.2[6893]: using default OpenSSL verification locations (see $SSL_CERT_DIR environment variable) Dec 21 02:29:44 mod_tls/2.4.2[6893]: TLS/TLS-C requested, starting TLS handshake Dec 21 02:29:44 mod_tls/2.4.2[6893]: unable to accept TLS connection: protocol error:   (1) error:14094416:SSL routines:SSL3_READ_BYTES:sslv3 alert certificate unknown Dec 21 02:29:44 mod_tls/2.4.2[6893]: TLS/TLS-C negotiation failed on control channel

I'm using proftpd and both proftpd and SSL are updated to the newest versions.

Does anyone know where the problem could be or where to search more on this? Thanks in advance.

EDIT & answer:
Figured it out. My certificate on server was out of date, so the authorization failed.

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Looks like this is bug of commons net library IDE uses. Here is its description. It says that changing server's configuration option from "TLSProtocol TLSv1" to "TLSProtocol SSLv23" and adding "NoSessionReuseRequired" is a workaroud. Hope it helps you.

Best regards,
Elena Shaverdova


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